Episode # 43 – Why you Should Work with Other Authors with Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Rose cover

In this weeks interview I talk to Aubrey Rose about a wide range of things, including the benefit of working with other authors. Aubrey has been a part of numerous box sets with other authors and often sees them make her more money than her standalone books. We talk about how she found other authors to do these box sets with, how she gets her writing done despite having a full time job, and why she turned down Montlake Romance (an Amazon publisher).

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Episode # 42 – Earning Around Self-Publishing with Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen cover

Bryan Cohen lives in Chicago and wasn’t satisfied with the income that he was making from the sales of his self-published books. He didn’t want to go back to the 9-5 world so decided to look into how he could make additional income around his books. From having a successful online video course, to doing speaking gigs at the beach, Bryan has experimented with a lot of things. If you’re thinking of going full time, but worry about the cash flow, listen to this interview for some great inspiration and ideas!

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Episode # 39 – Writing is an Entrepreneurial Venture with Russell Blake

Russel Blake cover

It was a real pleasure to be able to talk to Russell Blake this week. We talk about treating writing as a business and how much this helped him when he was just starting out, and how it helps him shape the future decisions he makes about his writing career. We also touch on his production process and how he writes so much so quickly.

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Episode # 38 – Working with a Street Team (and how to build one)

Victoria Danann cover

Victoria Danann is an award winning novelist and author of the Order of the Black Swan. I talk to her about her rather unique planning process and just how she manages to bring such depth to her characters (something her reviewers constantly praise her for). We also talk in depth about street teams and the value of having people around you supporting your writing.

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Episode # 37 – Writing to Survive

Michael Coorlim cover

Michael emailed me a few weeks ago and something in that email struck me, he wrote “self-publishing saved my life.” Michael went from being long-term unemployed to making enough money from self publishing to live off in under a year. It was a period of long days and dedicated work, but in the end he came out on top. This episode not only tells his story but it also looks at how you can launch a book even if you have no budget at all.

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RSP is Available on YouTube

Over the past few days I’ve been working to get the past podcast episodes up on YouTube. I know some people prefer consuming their audio that way and it is a fairly easy process to upload the audio episodes there so I thought I would oblige.

For example, here is the video version of our first ever episode:

There isn’t any real video at any point, just a place holder image as the podcasts are not video calls.

There are also some other great videos on the channel that I created a while ago, such as the popular course about how to create an author website. You can check that out by clicking here.

As always, would love to know what you think of this development – reach me in the comments below!



Episode # 36 – What do Top Self Publishers Have in Common?

Beverley Kendall cover

This week I talk to Beverley Kendall about a survey she completed late last year and publishing in January 2014, which look at what self published authors were earning, and what the top earners were doing in common. We also talk about her journey from being a traditionally published author to going self published, and why she is so glad that she did!

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Transcripts for some episodes are now available!

I’ve recently been getting a few more emails about the possibility of transcripts for RSP episodes and I’m pleased to say these are now available for some of the most popular episodes so far!

I know there are only seven transcripts, but these things are expensive to create and then a require an hour or two to proofread (it’s well over 80,000 words of material for these seven).

You’ll find transcripts available for the following episodes (scroll down to the show notes section to find the link).

Episode 5 - Unconventional Marketing and Pricing with Joe Nobody

Episode 7 - The 7 Day Launch Strategy with Darren Wearmouth

Episode 11 – Writing a Series with Cege Smith

Episode 13 – Business Plans for Authors with Denise Grover Swank

Episode 16 – The Effectiveness of Perma-free with Elle Casey

Episode 17  – Marketing the Smart Way with Leeland Artra

Episode 20 - Book Bundles (and plush toys) with Joseph Lallo

If they prove super popular, I’ll try and work out a more affordable/faster way to get these out there!