Episode # 6 – Getting Your Start and the Value of Community with RM Prioleau

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In this episode of the Rocking Self Publishing podcast I talk to R.M. Prioleau about the value of community while writing a book. We also talk about National Novel Writing Month which is taking place in November as well as the value of both on and offline writers communities.

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The Necromancer’s Apprentice

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National Novel Writing Month – This is a major one but there are many writing months that are genre specific.

Red Adept Publishing Editing Services

CreateSpace for getting a physical copy of your book.

Show notes:

National Novel Writing Month is a great way to get started in writing, during November you have to write a book. There is a word counter and others can see your progress. Provides a bit of social pressure to force you to put pen to paper. These are so productive for RM she does almost all of her writing during these times and the rest of the year is spent editing.

Find a community – there are plenty of places to find a regular group to hang out with. Forums are great but try to find a small group of people who you can critique each others books with. Look locally, but of course there are plenty of ways to do this online.
It is important to have someone do the editing. Recomends redadept editing. Book covers always professional done.

Real world marketing – go to book signings/conferences. You can go to a local coffee shop and ask the manager if you can do a book signing there!

“If you have a story to tell, tell it! Don’t be afraid to express your creativity. Now is the time to self publish”

Tip for new writers:
Now is the time to self publishing, it’s not as hard as you think. Just get the story down on paper and go from there!


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 6 – Getting Your Start and the Value of Community with RM Prioleau