On this page you’ll find information relevant to my book Audiobooks for Indies.  It’s a place for me to update you on the latest goings on, without having to put out a new edition of the book every couple of months.


Well, none, as of yet.

Appendix A – External Resources

Here’s a digital version of the appendix so you can easily navigate to everything from the book:

ACX audio requirements – http://rspcast.com/specs
ACX feedback on your audio recording – http://rspcast.com/acxfeedback
Amazon Author Central – A place to track your audiobook sales rank – http://authorcentral.amazon.com. A video explaining how to use this can be found here:  http://rspcast.com/track
Audacity audio editor – http://rspcast.com/downloadaudacity. And the help for that software: http://rspcast.com/audacityhelp
Audible affiliate program – http://rspcast.com/audibleaffiliate
Audible.com – http://www.audible.com/
Audiobook Creation Exchange – http://www.acx.com/
Audiobooks.com – Another audiobook retalier (smaller market share than Audible) – http://audiobooks.com
Auphonic – Automatic mastering – https://auphonic.com/
Books for Ears – Books read by the author. http://rspcast.com/booksforears.
Brickshop Audio – Professional audiobook production http://www.brickshopaudio.com/
Commission Junction – http://cj.com
Dealing with sibilance – http://rspcast.com/sibilants
Ebookit – Audio distribution outside of ACX http://ebookit.com
Edge Studio – Professional audiobook production http://www.edgestudio.com/
Export Mp3s from Audacity – http://rspcast.com/mp3export, and then tag those Mp3s – http://rspcast.com/mp3tag
Freelance sites (hire voice artists or studio professionals) – Odesk (odesk.com) and Elance (elance.com)
Getting start with equalization – http://rspcast.com/eq
How to gift audiobooks with promo codes – http://rspcast.com/gift
How to pronounce anything – http://howjsay.com and http://forvo.com
Make a DIY vocal booth – http://rspcast.com/diybooth. Get foam here: http://rspcast.com/foam. Or use you car: http://rspcast.com/carhack
Noise Reduction – http://rspcast.com/noise (using Audacity), http://rspcast.com/noiseaudition (using Audition)
Podiobooks – http://podiobooks.com
Pond5 – Stock audio http://pond5.com
Power conditioner – http://rspcast.com/condition
Rocking Self Publishing – You are here. It’s the website of my podcast/blog.
Run Promotions – from Rafflecopter (rafflecopter.com) or Gleam (gleam.io)
Spreadsheet to estimate sales – http://rspcast.com/handyspreadsheet

Simon WhistlerAudiobooks for Indies – Appendix and Updates
  • Fatma Tounsi

    The link for the DIY booth does not work.

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks for letting me know Fatma, I just fixed it 🙂

  • The links to Podiobooks and Rafflecopter are busted (looks like you left of the http://).

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks for letting me know Brian, fixed them 🙂

  • Fatma Tounsi

    Hey Simon!
    I’ve been trying to purchase the book, but I can’t find it on amazon or any where else online. I hope it’s going to be available for purchase soon.
    Best regards,