Episode # 127 – Clean Romance with Rachael Anderson

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rachaelcovernewAfter publishing her first three books with a small press, romance author Rachael Anderson went indie and has never looked back. This week, I talk with her about the “clean romance” genre, how she markets her stand-alone titles, and her upcoming multi-author collaborative series called The Power of the Matchmaker.


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Show notes:


Rachael began her writing career with the publication of her first book in December 2009, by a small press. That book was followed by two more titles. While she is happy with her experience with the publisher, she was disappointed in the lack of control she had over her books. Promotion was limited and done only once, when a book is first published; she had no price control; no control over the cover. Once you sign a contract, she says, even if you wrote it, it’s not yours anymore.

So she decided to find an agent with her fourth book in an effort to secure a bigger publisher. In that pursuit, she attended a writer’s convention and happened into a self-publishing panel and that was it. She published her fourth novel herself on Amazon, and has since added another 11 titles to her catalog.

Most of Rachael’s titles are stand-alones. She agrees that series are easier to market — she has one series — but she finds writing stand-alones more enjoyable, and despite the trend towards series, she’s got a good read-through her readers from one stand-alone to another.

did a bookbub for first book, gave away 60K books. Her bent is for stand-alones. Feels the series theory works and works well, finds them difficult and will continue to write stand-alones and series as the stories reveal themselves.

started pubbing in 2009, fourth book went direct indie, has 12 titles out so far, shooting to write two books a year, productivity went up as her four young children went off to school for the day.

Collaborative thing power of the matchmaker — wonderfully done!

Action Steps:

Start your subscriber list now. (On a personal note, I listen to podcasts by online entrepreneurs across the board and along the lines of very different businesses, and they all say the same thing. The heart of Mark Dawson’s incredible success both with his fiction business and his Facebook course is based on this current truth in this digital storefront age: get your customers to leave their contact info. We used to run a bar, and my husband spent a lot of time rubbing shoulders with customers, listening to them, just nodding his head most of the time. They loved him! You gotta figure out how to keep in close contact with your customers without annoying them, and have a way they can easily contact you.


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Angela McConnellEpisode # 127 – Clean Romance with Rachael Anderson
  • Another inspiring podcast that really resonated with me, especially Rachael’s experiences with the small press. It’s something I am considering at the moment for my German novel – because the editor suggested I should try to find a publisher. I’ve been really going back and forth about the pros and cons, but hearing her talk about it just reminded me of all the reasons why I originally wanted to go indie… And they’re good reasons! I also liked what she said about wasting oh so many hours outlining when everything changed during the first draft anyway – same here! I hope to be able to find the writing process that works best for me eventually. Great show!

    • SimonRSP

      Glad it was helpful Anja 🙂