Here is a simple page linking over to all our past episodes.

All of these are interview with those who are indie publishing or hybrid publishing!

1 – How Libbie Hawker started a successful Indie career

2 – Making 6-Figures a Month with Indie Publishing with Danielle Bourdon

3 – Book Marketing and Movie Deals with Lisa Grace

4 – ‘Spend the Money’ with Alan Petersen

5 – Unconventional Marketing and Pricing with Joe Nobody

6 – Getting Your Start and the Value of Community with RM Prioleau

7 – The 7 Day Launch Strategy with Darren Wearmouth

8 – How to Get a Great Book Cover with Adrijus Guscia

9 – Developing an Online Presence with Lindsay Buroker

10 – Lessons Learned with Victoria Jeffrey

11 – Writing a Series with Cege Smith

12 – Effective Editing with Harry Dewulf

13 – Business Plans for Authors with Denise Grover Swank

14 – Networking and Real World Events with Colin Taber

15 – The Value of Digital Marketing with Kevin Leigh

16 – The Effectiveness of Perma-free with Elle Casey

17 – Marketing the Smart Way with Leeland Artra

18 – NaNoWriMo Special (Part 1) with J Bridger

19 – Should you Quit Your Job to Write? With Jason Brant

20 – Book Bundles (and plush toys) with Joseph Lallo

21 – Beyond Books with Mark Tufo

22 – The Pros and Cons of Small Press with Colin F Barnes

23 – NaNoWriMo Special (Part 2 ) with J Bridger

24 – Hard Work and Time Management with Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt

25 – Genre Hopping and Screenwriting with Michaelbrent Collings

26 – Using What You Know with John O’Brien

27 – In Depth on Research with Anthony Venutolo

28 – The Journey to Creating a Successful Series with Shawn Chesser

29 – Being a Prolific Writer with Armand Rosamilia

30 – Non Fiction Writing and the Future of Books with Jim Kukral

31 – Illustrated Children’s Fiction with Jeff Kennon

32 – Audiobooks with Simon Whistler and Leeland Artra

33 – Hybrid Deals and Online Events with Tim Long

34 – From Traditional Publishing to Self Pub with Holly Lisle

35 – Don’t Look to the Outliers with Hugh Howey

36 – What do Top Self Publishers Have in Common?

37 – Writing to Survive

38 – Working with a Street Team (and how to build one)

39 – Writing is an Entrepreneurial Venture with Russell Blake

40 – How to Write (a lot) More with Matt Ahlschlager

41 – Hybrid Publishing with CJ Lyons

42 – Earning Around Self-Publishing with Bryan Cohen

43 – Why you Should Work with Other Self Publishing Authors

44 – Increasing Your Inventory and Outlets with Michael Rank (and how to become a writer!)

45 – Easing the Cost of Kindle Publishing with Kickstarter

46 – Writing Bestsellers While Commuting with Mark Dawson

47 – Writing Books that Sell with Nancy Hendrickson

48 – Making Money with Children’s Books

49 – The Importance of Being an ‘Authorpreneur’ (author/entrepreneur) with Joanna Penn

50 – Testing Writing Ideas with Dave Cornford

51 – The Benefits of Being in a Writing Group

52 – Self Publishing Digital Comics

53 – How to Get in the Zone with Tom Evans

54 – Talking Book Marketing Services with The Fussy Librarian

55 – Building Good Writing Habits with Bobby Adair

56 – Exploring Book Pricing: From $0.99 to $199

57 – On Using a Pen Name and Selling 1000 Books a Day

58 – Editing for Indie Authors with Alida Winternheimer

59 – The Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Author

60 – Enjoying your Book Marketing

61 – Bucket Lists, Health, and Selling 250k Books with Mel Sherratt

62 – How to Sell More Books on Kobo

63 – Quadruple your Amazon Sales and Keep Your Readers

64 – Writing in Genres That SELL (and those that don’t!)

65 – Starting a Self-Publishing Career with David Gaughran

66 – Setting Writing Goals with Carl Sinclair

67 – Building an Audience with Podiobooks

68 – Story and Sales Ambition with AG Riddle

69 – Writing Comedy with Dean Lorey

70 – Writing in Public with Dean Wesley Smith

71 – Big Writing Projects with J Thorn

72 – Roxie Rivera on Embracing Indie Publishing

73 – Michael Sullivan on Traditional and Self-Publishing

74 – Rachael Herron on Why Your First Draft Should Suck!

75 – Gordon Doherty on Historical Fiction, Translations, and Audiobooks

76 – Joanna Penn Talks Business for Authors
77 – Mark Wayne McGinnis on his Rapid Rise to Success

78 – Chuck Rose on Having a Successful Launch with Your First Book

79 – Judith Glynn on Media Exposure and Freelance Writing

80 – 18 Month Retrospective with Libbie Hawker

81 – Chris Fox on Applying the Startup Mindset to Writing

82 – Amazon Imprints, Kindle Unlimited, and Kindle Serials

83 – Leveraging Wattpad to Build a Following and Bolster Sales with Linda Poitevin

84 – Are Serials Alive and Well? With C.C. Wall

85 – Using KingSumo to Build Your Email List with J Thorn

86 – Becoming a Bestseller without a Website with Joshua Dalzelle

87 – Revenge of the Nerds with Annie Bellet

88 – From Podcaster to Fiction Author with Tom Reynolds

89 – Historical Fiction Success with Carol Ervin

90 – The Business of Writing with Steve Scott

91 – Create Your Own Genre with Michael Bunker

92 – Thinking Long-Term with Zach Bohannon

93 – The Brave New World of Fiction with Jim Heskett

94 – Early Self-Pub Success with Gina LaManna

95 Go Big with Nick Cole

96 – Diversification and Dedication with Craig Schaefer

97 – Using Facebook Ads to Sell Your Books with Mark Dawson

98 – Diversify Your Way to Success with Scott Nicholson

99 – Kate Danley on Failing Your Way to Success

100 – Public Relations for Authors with Derek Alan Siddoway

101 – Romantic Comedies from the Guy’s Perspective…with Rich Amooi

102 – Genre Hopping and Author Assistants with Elle Casey

103 – The Benefits of Mentorship with Mat Morris and Nancy Elliott

104 – Rachael Herron on Why Your First Draft Should Suck! [REBROADCAST]

105 – How to Make Your Book “Stick” to the Top of Sales Rankings with T. Ellery Hodges

106 – Disruption and The BritCrime Festival with Helen Smith

107 – Writing 5,000 Words an Hour with Chris Fox

108 – Publishing Cooperatives with Brannon Hollingsworth

109 – How to Find Your Market with Jacqueline E. Garlick

110 – World Building with Steve Turnbull

111 – Writing a Breakthrough Novel with Rysa Walker

112 – Angela McConnell on Setting Goals

113 – Selling Books as a Children’s Author

114 – Effective Pricing in Urban Fantasy with Shannon Mayer

115 – How to Connect with Readers on BookTube with PT Hylton

117 – Successful Collaboration with Bobby Adair and T.W. Piperbrook

118 – [REBROADCAST] Entrepreneurial Venture with Russell Blake

119 – Breaking Through with Kathryn O’Halloran

120 – Making Your Promotional Efforts Count with Andrea Pearson

121 – Space Opera Success with Timothy Ellis

122 – Seizing Opportunity with Post-Apocalyptic Author G. Michael Hopf

123 – The Long Game with Nick Thacker

124 – The End of Jobs with Taylor Pearson

125 – Making Progress with Angela McConnell

126 – Time Travel Adventure with Nathan Van Coops

127 – Clean Romance with Rachael Anderson

128 – Building a Bestselling Fantasy Universe with Garrett Robinson

129 – The Best of Both Publishing Worlds with Nicholas Sansbury Smith

130 – Motivation for Creative People with Mark McGuinness

131 – Translating and Marketing Your Book to a Foreign Language Market with Cristian Perfumo

132 – Write Your Book in 30 Days or Less with Kevin Tumlinson

133 – Building Good Writing Habits with Bobby Adair

134 – Efficient Writing with Sara Rosett

135 – Going Wide with Spy Thriller Author Ethan Jones

136 – Self-Publishing in the German Market with Anja Bauermeister

137 – Writing to Market with Chris Fox

138 – Effective Book Marketing with Bryan Cohen

139 – Using Editing Software to Improve Your Writing with Amanda Sumner

140 – Military Science Fiction with Jonathan Brazee

141 – Early Diagnosis Editing with Harry Dewulf

142 – Kyle Pratt on Developing Your Craft with Critique Groups

143 – Writing a Breakthrough Novel with Rysa Walker [REBROADCAST]

144 – How to Build a Creative Writing Career with Justin Sloan

145 – The Value of Experience with Derek Doepker

146 – What Makes a Good Book with Seeley James

147 – Boldly Launch a Fiction Career with Derek Murphy

148 – 20 Books to 50K with Michael Anderle

149 – The Selling Power of Tropes with J.A. Cipriano

150 – The Importance of Focus with Angela McConnell

151 – Switching Genres in Midstream with Richard Fox

152 – Planning the Long Game with Ben Hale

153 – Adam Croft on Developing a Hook for Your Book

154 – Audio Dramas with Michael Coorlim

155 – Immerse or Die with Jefferson Smith

156 – Launch Your Author Platform with Jonny Andrews

157 – Successful Launch Strategies with John L. Monk

158 – Stand-Alone Success with Maggie James

159 – Modern Marketing Techniques with Dave Chesson

160 – The Power of Free with Nathan Van Coops

161 – Fairy Tale Retellings with KM Shea

162 – The Changes in Publishing with William Kowalski

163 – Building a Loyal Fanbase with Adam Houge

164 – Writing Tools and Tips with Tattooed Writer

165 – Creating Effective Characters with Alida Winternheimer

166 – Superhero Adventure with Percival Constantine

167 – Diversifying Your Income with Rachael Herron

168 – A Book as a Business Card with Rachel Smets

169 – Getting Book Reviews as a New Author with Derek Siddoway

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