Blog post: Make Better use of the ACX Promotional Codes (a video from Rocking Self Publishing)

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After self publishing an audiobook through ACX (the Audiobook Creation Exchange) as an author, you’ll be give 25 promotional codes which you can give to people, allowing them to download your book for free. (If you don’t get these, jet off an email to, from your ACX account email address, mentioning your book, and they’ll send your them promptly). The email looks like this (and the codes are strings of random letters and numbers):


The problem is that while the recipient can download your book, they can also download any other book on Audible. Essentially you are just giving them a $15 (minimum) gift card. I’m sure we’d all like to think that our chosen reviewers are just using these to honestly download our audiobook, but there is no reliable way to tell. Maybe you can trust your true fans to legitimately use the code, but there are readers out there who know how these codes can be used to get any book, and they will use them for this purpose.

Fortunately, thanks to the idea of author and Kboards member, Mark E. Cooper (check out Mark’s site here), there is a way around this, ensuring that the person you are giving a review copy to only downloads your book. You can check out the original post on the matter on KBoards by clicking here.

If you want to know how to do this, check out this video I made for the Rocking Self Publishing YouTube channel explaining to process:

You can find more helpful videos, including an entire 2 hour guide to creating an amazing author website on the Rocking Self Publishing YouTube channel!

You might also be interested in another one of our videos about increasing the number of subscribers on your mailing list by using the free tool ListBuilder from AppSumo. You can have a look at that video by clicking here. This tool is the pop-up that sometimes appears on this site, it has doubled the number of people joining the RSP list!

Simon WhistlerBlog post: Make Better use of the ACX Promotional Codes (a video from Rocking Self Publishing)
  • Thanks for this. It’s brilliantly well-timed, my first audiobook is currently in ACX’s final review stage 🙂

  • Jason Brant

    Great tip, Simon.

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  • So glad I found this today! I was just about to send out some codes for my first Audible book, and this method seems to make it easier for the recipient as well as guaranteeing that they use it on my product.

    Thank you to Mark, and to you for making it so easy to follow in the screencast!

    • SimonRSP

      You’re welcome Rob. The narration you did sounds awesome.

  • Ann Swinfen

    Can I just check, Simon? When the recipient receives the email, he/she is not obliged to subscribe to Audible, are they? I’m doing a free draw for 5 copies of my new audiobook (my first), but I don’t want people to be trapped into paying for an Audible subscription if they don’t want one. Excellent video, by the way. Very helpful.

    • SimonRSP

      Hi Ann, good question. While the recipient will need to have an account, which can be their Amazon account, they do not need to have any sort of paid subscription :). They can simply use the code to download the book and be done with it.

  • Ann Swinfen

    Thanks, Simon. One of the people thinking of entering the draw was worried she would have to take out an expensive Audible subscription if she was one of the winners. I can set her mind at rest.

  • Frankie Bow

    Thanks for this, Simon! Gifting the audiobook makes a much nicer presentation for the recipient as well. I followed these instructions and chose one of Audible’s “summer” gift cards, which happened to be perfect for a book set in Hawaii.

    • SimonRSP

      Completely agree. I’m not sure why this is not recommended as the default way of doing things… 🙂

      • It would make a lot more sense for Audible to tell people to use this method, instead of the current “tell the recipient to follow this simple 42-step process”. Perhaps you should email them and point it out.

  • Sophia Meredith

    This is a pretty old post and I have a bit of a side question, though as audible authors there is clearly an e-book and print book as well: Can this same system (buy a promotional code or give as gift) then redeem and send the redeemed book as gift so the recipient only gets your book for e-books and print books? Thanks!

    • SimonRSP

      Hey Sophia, unless things have changed, I don’t think this is possible. It wasn’t the last time I looked. If someone wants to jump in with a solution to this, please do so, but as far as I’m aware there isn’t one right now.