Episode # 04 – ‘Spend the Money’ with Alan Petersen

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In this episode of the podcast I talk to self published author Alan Petersen about self publishing costs and exactly how much he paid to put his book out to the world.

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The Asset Kindle Edition

The Asset Paperback

Alan’s Website


His book designer: http://damonza.com – Book cover designers are one of the self publishing costs you have to swallow. Books with bad covers don’t sell. 

Kboards (several times). Alan’s username: Alan Petersen.

Kboards thread on keywords

Odesk.com and Elance.com – hiring a proof reader or book cover designer

Show notes:

Alan on Writing:

Start drawing out scenes, if you’ve got those you can then put it all together.

You just have to sit and write, simple really.

Alan on Book Pre-launches:

– Get reviews
– Get book bloggers to mention you.
– Find a book in your genre that is selling well, see who is reviewing it (though a google search, for example “[Book title] review”). Reach out to them, be personal, and ask them for a review.

Alan on Editing:

Editing – completely worth doing, another of those self publishing costs you just have to accept. Line editing costs around $300-$1000 for 90k words. Alan paid $500.

Check the editors references, give them a sample (not the first chapter, but something from the middle, it’s usually less well written).


“Spend the money!”

Tip for new writers:

Scrivener – authors writing tool. Link.


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 04 – ‘Spend the Money’ with Alan Petersen
  • Hello Simon!

    Norm here. Someone on the Kindling group posted a link here, which I obviously followed. I just learned a ton!

    I’m nearing the end of promoting my novel and Kindle book, THE RYO LODGE this week.

    I chose to make two other books free for the project. I pretty much used the standard strategy of Twitter, FB, etc. Well, long story short, the results were less than satisfactory. However, the good news is that I made some valuable new friends in the process which shuttled me down a new path of understanding regarding “out of the box” promotion 102.

    Vastly underwhelmed by the usual process I begin to see light at the end of my tunnel. Today I listened with great interest to your interview with Alan Petersen. He gave me EXACTLY the kind of insight I was missing, particularly about proofing. Of course, great kudos to the EXCELLENT interviewer who guided him into relating his experiences!

    Sign me up for your weekly podcast!

    Your fan,
    Norm over at FableShop.net

    • Hi Norm,

      Thanks for tuning into the show, I’m glad that you learned a lot, this episode has been really popular :). When it comes to out of the box promotion, Joe certainly knows what’s going on. I’m also pleased Alan’s interview was helpful!

      Thank you for the kind words about the show, and I’m delighted you’ll be tuning in regularly.


  • Alida Winternheimer

    Hi, I just found your podcast series thanks to Joanna Penn’s mention. This is a great podcast and I’m subscribed. Loved this one in particular so far. Thanks for sharing all of this information and helping build a truly useful community of indie authors!

    • SimonRSP

      My pleasure Alida, I’m glad you’re enjoying the show :).