Episode # 112 – Angela McConnell on Setting Goals

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angelacovernewAngela McConnell was responsible for the massive improvements to the show notes that happened in January! She and I have been working together since then, and I thought it was about time that I had her onto the show to talk about how her journey into the self-publishing world is going. We talk a lot about setting goals, and one of the best things you can do to achieve what you really want in life!

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Show notes:

These show notes are written by me, Simon, because I thought it would be weird for Angela to write her own notes :).

Angela primarily writes speculative and short fiction. She decided to write under a pen name to build something out that she could take risks with and wouldn’t mind too much if it failed because then she could just move onto the next thing. She also wanted the pen name to be a money maker so that she could afford to fund the speculative fiction stuff that she is more passionate about.

Currently working on a 5 part novella series.

Taking the Initiative

Angela and I talk about how she initial approached me about working with me as a podcast assistant after I had joked on an episode with Chris Fox about how great it would be to have a “podcast assistant”. Angela wanted to get involved more with the self-publishing industry and thought that volunteering to do that would be a great way to get more involved with the self-publishing industry.

Following Angela’s Journey

I’ve had multiple emails from authors who would like to hear from an author who is going through the journey and is close to the start, following along with them as they take their first steps and start to become successful. I had shelved this idea for a long time, and then thought, why am I not doing this with Angela?! Who is so involved with RSP anyway?

With that in mind, we’ll be doing (about) quarterly follow ups with Angela, talking about how her projects are going, and how her career is developing.


Angela belongs to two groups: A failure club, and a writers group.

A failure club is an idea from Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me), where people get together for one year to achieve their greatest dream. They announce their dream to the group, no matter how ridiculous, and from there they meet regularly to discuss what progress they have made (or not) towards it. Angela’s failure club goal is to make $1 million from her writing, she didnt make it in the first year, but decided that she still wanted to do it so had a “Season 2” of failure club.

For the shorter term, as a more immediately reachable goal, Angela has decided that she wants to earn $1000 per month. This is a goal that she has shared with her writers group.

As an aside, I would say that setting these goals, and announcing them to other people is absolutely one of the best ways that you can ensure they will get done (or at least massively increase your chances of achieving the goal).

The Future

Angela is currently writing a series under a pen name, which is going to be her focus over the next few months. She doesn’t want to start marketing them until there are several books available for readers, which is common among new authors, especially those who are writing shorter fiction and at a faster pace.

22nd August – the next two books in the new series will be out. After that Angela wants to work on the books under her own name, an ambitious space colony style book.

Writing Fast

Angela has an advantage over some writers as she is a court reporter by day, therefore she can write using a stenographic machine which means a typing speed of about 225 words per minute. For reference, the average person types at about 40 word per minute, and the world record on a standard keyboard is 216 words per minute!


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 112 – Angela McConnell on Setting Goals
  • mtr amg

    Neat sounding plug-in. I get endlessly frustrated by the Buck books and BookBub sales that aren’t available on Amazon AU 🙁
    I commented in a blog post recently on writing and suddenly realised that I knew a 1000% more than a lot of wanna-be writers do about self publishing, just because I listen to podcasts like this one and several others like it. I’ve learnt so much! Still not so good at finishing my stuff. (Slay that resistance dragon, AM!)
    I hear you on the discipline thing… my poor blog and FB page have been very neglected recently.
    That 1k a month aim will be written in the show notes… right, Angela? oh – Simon is going to do them. He’s keeping you honest.

    • SimonRSP

      It is a really handy plugin :).


      • Robert Scanlon

        Handy for the graphics, for sure. I’m not a fan of geo-redirects (the AU store is HORRIBLE and I refuse to use it. A lot of Aussies buy from the .com store I think). There’s been some discussion in Mark Dawson’s Facebook group that Facebook users get a warning on some auto-redirects that reduces clickthrough. Knowing Damian, I’m sure he has that part covered though!

        Mostly I dropped by to say thanks for this episode. I’m ashamed to say I thought the concept (in the intro) sounded lame, but it was packed with great stuff. Angela – you have a great attitude, and will surely be mega-ninja-successful! Thanks to you both for your tireless efforts to bring us the best in listening and show-notes pleasure 🙂

        Oh – and came back to edit: “Failure Club” – never heard of it, but now I’m gonna use that! Brilliant!

        • SimonRSP

          Glad that we managed to pull it out of the bag for you Robert :).

    • Thanks, mtr amg! I’m slaying that dragon this morning as a matter of fact…and yes, Simon is keeping me very honest. If we’re in the business of slaying dragons, he’s the guy pointing me in the right direction and then slapping my horse on the business end. 😉 I think the fact that you’re listening to podcasts like this means you’re heading in the right direction. Don’t worry too much about your blog and FB and just get the writing done. And let us know when you go live!

  • I love this episode! In some ways, an interview with a beginning writer is a lot more inspiring, because getting to where Angela is feels more reachable.

    In three months… I hope to have published my first novella. But I’ve got plenty of good excuses so… ><

    • SimonRSP

      There will always be plenty of good excuses…

      • And therein lies the problem… here’s hoping I don’t let them stand in my way. XD

  • Thank you again, Simon, for having me on. It was a lot of fun and *extremely* motivating for me. You might have August 22 down in orange on your calendar, but I’ve got it down in RED!! Back to work…all of ya! 😉

    • SimonRSP

      Always a pleasure to talk to you :). Looking forward to hearing from you on the 22nd, and talking to you in a few months to see how the career is going 😀

  • Excellent idea to interview Angela every few months as an example of a (relatively) new person to the business making her way through. Love “failure club”! And thanks, Angela, for doing show notes for us every week. Really appreciate the show, Simon. You articulate my questions, even though I’m new and know nothing. I need that voice. THANKS!

    • SimonRSP

      Well thanks for listening DC 🙂

  • J Andrews

    I have been unable to find episode 1 of The Failure Club. All the links to its supposed homepage on Yahoo Screen are 404. Google only gives me random episodes, then I can’t even use one of those to navigate Yahoo to episode 1. 🙁

    • SimonRSP

      Urgh, I was watching through Blip.tv which is just not loading, and I couldn’t find anything but a few random episodes on Yahoo Screen. Tried digging around on Google to no avail. If someone has found working links please chime in and I will update the notes!