Episode # 125 – Making Progress with Angela McConnell

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angelacovernewAngela first came on the podcast 3 months ago (rspcast.com/angela), and in this interview we follow up with her to see how her journey has been going. We talk about what progress she has made in the last three months on the two series that she is writing. We also touch on what she’s been working on for NaNoWriMo.


Word Essential Editing – Angela (and my!) editor, Alida, who is excellent. Great choice for a first time author or someone with experience.

Angela’s websiteCheck out her NaNoWriMo blog.


Mat Morris – Epic NaNoWriMo efforts, and host of the Author Strong podcast. 

DragonDictate – Software for narrating your book!

Show notes:

Busy 3 Months

Since we last talked Angela has made a lot of progress with her writing career. She still has multiple ongoing projects, writing in multiple genres, and with multiple pen names. For her romance series, she had one book out last time we spoke, and since then has added 2 more books to her name.

In order to encourage her to get the books out on time, she set a pre-order date for both books on Amazon, long before they were ready. This really added pressure to her deadlines, because if you don’t get the book out on time, then Amazon do not allow you to set up another pre-order for a year.


This romance series is currently open ended and Angela is not pushing it in terms of marketing yet. She wants to have five books in the series before she begins a serious marketing push.

When the series is ready to market, Angela is going to seek out promotion from some of the smaller sites. Unfortunately her books are probably under the minimum word count for BookBub (although she might be able to bulk out the paperback version to be long enough).

New Series

Angela started writing a new series in sci-fiction because she wants to be able to write both at the same time long term. Sci-fi is an obsession of hers and she wanted to be able to write what she wanted without having to completely focus on having to write only one genre.

Angela has been spending a lot of time “behind the scenes” planning out the long series she is writing. While this takes longer to write, she knows that it will make the writing that she is doing now much easier.

Working with an Editor

Angela is working with her editor Alida, at the early stage of her novel, and it is making the writing easier. A lot of authors will view an editor as someone who just comes in afterwards, but the right editor can be there all the way through, making the whole writing process a lot easier.

Writing Efficiently

Angela has recently bought Dragon Naturally Speaking, which she is about to start using to narrate her books.

Action steps:

– What can you do to get accountable? Is there a friend, or a fellow writer, who you can ask to help keep you on track with your goals. Or maybe you can just set a pre-order date on Amazon!

– Have you storyboarded your book’s plan to make sure that you’ll have a great final product?


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Julius SEpisode # 125 – Making Progress with Angela McConnell
  • Hi Simon, you are right, as a new author I did enjoy listening to Angela’s progress because I can very much relate to it. So I’m looking forward to the next update and hope I can also accomplish something similar in three months! Besides that, I agree that working with Alida is amazingly helpful.


    • SimonRSP

      Thanks Anja, glad to hear it.

    • Hi, Anja, I’m glad it’s helpful. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed hearing you on the Author Strong show and hope that you’re doing wonderfully with your writing endeavors. 🙂

  • In the words of an English mum cheering their daughter on in a friendly Saturday game of football “GO ON ANGELA! ‘AVE IT!”

    • In the words of a not-very sports fan who nonetheless yearns to paint her face in team colors and run around high-fiving all the neighboring tailgaters, “YEEEAGH! HIGH FIVE, LUKE!” 🙂

  • I was guessing that it was about three months!! Been waiting for this update, and it did not disappoint 😊

    I finally got the kick in the pants needed (from various sources, including the first episode Angela was in) and will finally be self-publishing my novella. I’m hoping I can click publish by next week. So excited, even though I’ve told myself not to expect much.

    • SimonRSP

      Excellent! Glad that it helped 😀

  • mtr amg

    I think plotting it all out is definitely NOT wasted time. Especially if it lets you see problem areas early, or it helps you to not write yourself into a corner. Good job, Angela. Keep going!

  • Interesting episode and I’m happy to hear of Angela’s progress! Question, though: why the secrecy on the pen name? If J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are open with their other identities, what’s the reasoning behind it?

    • SimonRSP

      It’s often about the genre. If King or Rowling were publishing erotica, they might choose to do it under a different name.

      • Ah…I think I get your implication. Although still…it’s a podcast with an audience of 100% supportive fellow authors. Not sure it would be a reputation destroying revelation, and in fact might be a nice lead generator.

  • iron_mountain

    I can confirm Angela’s blog is HILARIOUS and has useful information about publishing stuff. I learned a lot about illustrations adn book covers.