Episode # 17 – Marketing the Smart Way with Leeland Artra

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In this weeks interview I talk to Leeland Artra. We talk about his breakout success with the Goldren Threads trilogy. Later in the show we talk about marketing, and we go into some serious depth: measurements, ratios, affiliate tracking etc. It’s jam packed with info and is probably an interview you’ll need to listen to more than once to get the most from!

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Goldren Threads Book 1 (Thread Slivers)

Amazon Profile

Leeland’s Website


Lois Bujold

Trudi Canavan

Lindsay Buroker – also interviewed in episode 9 (click here).

Pushing the Envelope – “One of the best marketing books in history” – Amazon link

What does it take to become a bestselling author? – Recent blog post by Leeland

The Richest Man in Bablylon

Melissa Foster – Indie author who says you should set up your website as an author, not as your book.

Fatcow – Cheap webhosting

Social Oomphย – Make your social media marketing more productive and efficient.

Ebook Trackerย – Tracks ebooks price and sales rank on Amazon.

Show notes:

TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE! (Click to view, right click to save)

Took Learning to Write Seriously

Started reading everything he could find about writing a good book. He also took a huge number of fiction books that he read and liked and then analysed them based on what he had learned from his non-fiction reading about how to write. Spent four to give months doing this. At the same time started reading about how to market a book.

Finding Mentors

Started following all the authors that he admired and just saw what they did for marketing. Realized he needed to establish an online presence like they did. Even had an internet service put together reports about where these people interact most online.


Established many presences online – website, Facebook, twitter etc.

Measure your Marketing

Ratios are incredible important:

How many books sold divided by how many people looked at the book. This is called a ‘conversion rate’ and it is incredible important to focus on this. This ratio indicated how well you are ‘converting’ your visitors into buyers.

Ratios are nice as the apply whether you are selling millions of books or tens of books.

Using Amazing Affiliates to Find out who is Buying

Setting up yourself with an Amazon affiliate account will tell you exactly where all your sales are coming from. You can set up different links for different places so you can see exactly which adverts are being effective.

If you are marketing you should be carefully monitoring what is being effective and what is not.

Ebook Trackerย is a great way to see how your books are selling. You can also use it to track other peoples books so you can see what marketing is being effective for them.

Tip for new writers:

Five-hour energy drinks for getting your book done.


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 17 – Marketing the Smart Way with Leeland Artra
  • R.M. Prioleau

    “If a book you want to read doesn’t exist, then write it.” I love that quote so much! That’s pretty much how I got inspired to write. Mind if I borrow that quote? I know quite a few people who need to hear that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • SimonRSP

      I think Leeland borrowed it from someone else so I’m sure he won’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Help yourself. Here is the actual quote:

      If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. — Toni Morrison

      + Leeland

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