Episode # 176 – On the Road with Kevin Tumlinson

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kevincovernewWhen I first spoke with Kevin Tumlinson a year ago here on RSP, he had just launched his book 30-Day Author and was preparing for life on the road in an RV. Not only is Kevin now toodling around the country in a 38-foot RV with his wife, he has since published another eight new titles (at least), added a fourth show to his podcast repertoire, and joined the awesome author-centric team at Draft2Digital. This week I follow up with Kevin to find out how life on the road is treating him, how he manages to keep up his writing habit amid a busy professional life, and the great free author tools offered by Draft2Digital.


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Show notes:


Kevin Tumlinson is a well known name in the indie publishing scene, having 29 fiction titles and counting under his belt; hosting, co-hosting, or guest-hosting four podcasts; and writing countless articles on the industry. To find out more about how he went from writing a book every two years to writing a book in 15 days, check out his first interview here on RSP Episode #132.

It’s been a little over a year since then, and lots has happened…most notably, Kevin and his wife have moved out of their apartment and into a 38-foot RV.

RV Life

Kevin and his wife planned admirably for this momentous move, methodically downsizing their life from a house to an apartment and doing test runs in a pop-up trailer before finally taking the plunge and making a 38-foot RV their home. They kicked off this exciting new lifestyle by attending the RVers’ Boot Camp, then headed down to Naples, Florida, for their first big trip.

20,000-ish miles later, they’re still going strong. Kevin loves opening up his front door to a new vista every few weeks, and he loves the freedom.

But how does he manage to keep up his insanely prolific writing speed amid all this travel?

The answer is simple: he writes every day. And if he doesn’t, there will be hell to pay — or he might be very grumpy and grouse at his wife. All teasing aside, this is a significant truth: a consistent, everyday writing habit is the linchpin to Kevin’s success and his sense of well-being as an author.

“I’ve worked very hard to make sure that no matter what pieces I add, no matter what new additional things come into my life, this is the thing that I wake up to every morning.”


In August of 2016, Kevin was invited to join the team of Draft2Digital, a popular ebook distribution aggregator, to work in marketing and PR. Kevin was singing Draft2Digital’s praises long before he was hired due to his experience with D2D as an author. “Their whole goal,” he says, “is how do we make life so easy for the author that all they have to do is write?”

To that end, Draft2Digital offers fantastic FREE author tools available to anyone. In fact, you’re not even required to distribute your books through them in order to use these tools, but if you do, not only will you have the benefit and ease of getting your book into etailers around the world with the click of a button, but you’ll have added perks like detailed data and a customer service operation run by real live humans! (The only money Draft2Digital makes from its authors is 10% from royalties earned on sales.)

There are hundreds of ways you can format your book into EPUB or .MOBi format, but register with Draft2Digital (for free), and you can format your book into a high-quality EPUB, .MOBI, and/or PDF for print books — plus, you can use these formatted files anywhere you like.

Another incredible tool is Draft2Digital’s Universal Book Links, which allow authors to:

  • Copy and paste a link from any ebook product page to create a link for that book on every digital retailer, all from a single URL
  • Customize that URL to make it easier for readers to remember and use
  • Track the number of clicks your UBL receives, and what storefronts were visited
  • Add affiliate links from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, and even Smashwords (yeah, we know, right?)
  • Update your UBL with new storefronts any time with a click of the ‘rescan’ button

(*Bullet list excerpted verbatim from “Universal Book Links for Reviewers, Podcasters & Bloggers” by Kevin Tumlinson)

Not only do UBLs make an author’s life easier and more efficient, they also provide data tracking and make targeting specific audiences easier.

Next Big Thing

Kevin is now looking to explore the traditional side of publishing again. He had dipped his toes in the water years ago, but soon turned to indie publishing. Now that he has an established platform, a huge catalog, and a fanbase of readers, he’s eager to leverage that into a successful endeavor with a traditional publisher. He believes now, more than ever, that the publishing industry is evolving into a hybrid model of indie and traditional, and he feels it’s important not only to be a part of it, but to bring back his experience to share with other authors.

We look forward to hearing all about it at his next interview. 🙂

Action Steps:

As Kevin points out, marketing is simply about increasing your odds of being discovered. Being as prolific as possible and having a wide of reach as possible increases your chances of getting discovered by new readers. Whether you keep your focus Amazon-centric or choose to go wide, you must write books, lots of books.

So this week’s action step is simple:


Simon Asks:

For those of you using Draft2Digital’s Universal Book Links, how do you like to use them, and do you have any recommendations or tips for other authors?


Leave a comment below or get in touch with Simon by email at simon@rockingselfpublishing.com

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Angela McConnellEpisode # 176 – On the Road with Kevin Tumlinson
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