Episode # 50 – Testing Writing Ideas with Dave Cornford

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This week’s interview is all about experimentation! I talk to Dave Cornford about the different writing ideas that he has, how they are working, and which ones are paying. We talk about short form fiction, full length novels, books that only sell in print… and much more. Dave is a man with many writing ideas, so if you’re curious about what might work (and what might not) this weeks episode is a must listen!

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Testing Writing Ideas with Dave Cornford


Diary of the 17th Man

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Johnny, Sean and Dave from the Self Publishing Podcast

Douglas Adams

Podiobooks – A way to distribute the audiobook.

Cliff Ravenscraft – The Podcast Answer Man, a wealth of knowledge on making a podcast. I listen to his show each week.

Show notes:

Move from Corporate

Dave spent many years in the corporate world and had just had enough of various corporate restructurings. He planned to take a year off to see if he could do it. Moving to “live the writers life” was attractive and with the speed of the self-publishing world, it is faster to know whether you are going to do okay or not!

Financial Obligations

Dave has a family, three children, so he has pretty significant financial obligations. He and his wife planned for him to take a year off, and they manage on his wife’s salary, although they do realise that the writing is going to have to start helping to pay the bills soon!

He also takes on some freelancing work based on his years of corporate experience. This is interesting because it brings in some money, while also giving Dave the time to write, as he doesn’t have the standard 9-5 obligation. As with all freelancing, it is not fully secure, but considering it’s just a bit of extra income on the side it’s a great option.

Pitching to a Publisher

Dave is experimenting with a bunch of different writing ideas and ways of selling books. As well as his ebooks he is writing books that he intends to send to a publisher – they are the type of books that you would pick up at a book store on a whim.

Writing Serials

Dave saw the success that the Sean and Dave (Self-Publishing Podcast) with serials and decided to do something similar and great the Advanced Smash Repairs series. Dave bundles the content and that is pretty much where he sees all his sales. One of the writing ideas that paid off for him.


Dave records some of his serial stuff as a podcast, he just sees it as a way to get more people into his work. He hosts this himself following advice from Cliff Ravenscraft (see mentions above). He does say that he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t enjoying it, it doesn’t really seem to be a worthwhile if you are looking at it purely as a financial endeavor.


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Julius SEpisode # 50 – Testing Writing Ideas with Dave Cornford
  • Another great show Simon!

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks Jeff!

  • Harry A. Manners

    Thanks yet again, Simon. I’ll be listening for the next 100 episodes, and the 100 after that!

    EDIT: Enjoy the skydive, mate. Don’t go pancaking yourself, we need your pearls of wisdom.

    • SimonRSP

      Haha, thanks Harry :). I survived the skydive, and it was amazing!

  • R.M. Prioleau

    Great show, Simon. Thanks for all the info.
    I’ve noticed a lot of authors who have quit their day job still have some form of income via a spouse. I would love to hear some future podcasts featuring authors who are unmarried/no kids and have quit their day job to sustain themselves purely on their writing.

    Congratulations on your 50th podcast! And glad to hear you survived the skydive! 🙂 It sounds so scary!

    • SimonRSP

      Will do. I think there have been a few episodes where people have quit without the financial support of a partner, but they are not coming to mind immediately. Anyway, I will keep that in mind for future episodes :).