Episode # 53 – How to Get in the Zone with Tom Evans

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This week’s show sees me talk to Tom Evans about how to get in the zone. Tom is the author of the book “The Zone” as well as the host of the podcast “The Zone Show.” He and I have a rather eclectic chat about the different methods you can pursue to get in the right zone and stay out of bad zones!

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The Zone: How to Get in it and Stay in It

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The Zone Show – Tom’s own podcast, worth checking out. Tom recently interviewed me.

Radiolab – An interesting connection between the gut and the mind.

Show notes:

Tom started writing a book when he was on a plane, after that people starting approaching him, asking whether they could help them right a book. He found that what people called ‘writers block’ was actually some form of ‘life block.’ So he started looking at how to unblock those to get people writing again.

His writes mostly non-fiction but has a passion for fiction. His first book happened in 2006 and so ebooks as they are known today weren’t really around. He published it as a PDF because that was the way that you could digitally distribute books back then, it was also turned into an audiobook very quickly.

Tom is a technical person and decided to turn the book into an app. This was an interesting project, but not something that he really thinks is currently worth pursuing. Have a listen to the interview with Jim Kukral who believe that apps are the reading solution of the future.


Tom believes that there are various ‘zones’ that someone can be in. Unlike my understanding of ‘the zone’ as being a state of flow when good things happen, Tom sees them as places that are far more complex, with there being plenty of different zones with different benefits and drawbacks. Importantly not all zones are good, and some can be harmful.


Tom schedules his writing carefully. He sets time aside to write every day and doesn’t allow himself to be disturbed during that time. Tom also looks at the seasons and the moon (!) to guide his writing schedule.


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Julius SEpisode # 53 – How to Get in the Zone with Tom Evans
  • Mat Morris

    Interesting episode. Definitely outside of the traditional wheelhouse for this podcast, but in a positive way. I had hoped for more info (tips, tricks) on actually getting into “the zone” when I sit down to write, as that is a very significant part of my own daily routine, but I did enjoy the appearance of a guest that wasn’t necessarily just an Indie author.

    Would love to see more episodes that deal with topics important to Indie authors, but not necessarily from Indie Authors (such as Ep. #8, #12, and #32 where Simon was his own guest. I wish I had some suggestions as to the topics that need covering, but thought it was important to point out how valuable these kinds of interviews can be.

    A lot of us Indie Authors stew about in each other’s atmospheres, so we hear what we’re all doing that makes us successful. It might behoove us all to start looking outside of our immediate spheres of interest and see what other entrepreneurs are doing to make themselves successful. (For example, having an app developer interviewed could be a great help to authors looking for a new way to both expand their horizons, along with seeing how a different, but similar, business model is handled successfully.)

    As always, great show, Simon!

    • SimonRSP

      Well in that case I’d recommend that you tune in this Thursday, for a 8, 13, and 32 style episode ;)! I’m also interviewing someone tomorrow who will bring a nice outsider perspective, but that won’t be live for a few weeks yet :).

      • Mat Morris

        Well now I’m positively giddy. Which is good, since I need to write almost 17,000 words today. (Eep!)

        • I think I just passed out a little on your behalf, Mat. Lawdy! o.O

          • SimonRSP

            People tend to around Mat’s writing goals… Did you check out the episode where he wrote 50k words in a day Cate? (http://rspcast.com/matt)

            @matmorris:disqus Did you do it?!?

          • Mat Morris

            I sure did! I had to write 5,000 words in 100 minutes to close it out, but somehow I pulled it off.

            July will be a “light” month of only 50,000 new words 🙂

          • SimonRSP

            Like a boss.