Episode # 60 – Enjoying your Book Marketing

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For this week’s podcast I talk to author, blogger, and fellow podcaster, Robert Chazz Chute. Robert is someone who does a lot to put his name out in the world, including being a prolific blogger on ChazzWrites.com. As this interview unfolds it becomes clear that Robert has made book marketing effective by only doing the marketing that he enjoys. Through his podcast, blogs, and websites, he’s built up a presence that has connected him with the indie community and helped to make his books thrive. Show notes today at rspcast.com/rob.

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This Plague of Days

Amazon Profile



All That Chazz – Rob’s main home on the web.

Cool People Podcast – Robert’s podcast interviewing “cool” people.

William Goldman – The “master” of doing something unexpected in movies and books.

Kevin Smith – One of the inspirations behind Rob’s writing. “Being where the puck is going.”

Mark Tufo RSP Interview

Armand Rosamillia RSP Interview

Mention.com – Better than Google Alerts

Show notes:


Robert has many different books on the market, from non-fiction to fiction to semi-fiction.


Robert met someone who was only reading digital books in 2009 and shortly after that realised that he needed to be “where the puck was going” and in his opinion that was digital books. He’d been writing books for a long time and realised that this was the way to get his work out to the world.

Robert has a long history in the traditional publishing world and journalism, not as an author, but doing various roles in those companies. He has a good idea of how it works and he felt that the “writing was on the wall” and that doing traditional and like “climbing the down escalator.”


Robert has been only on Amazon for a long time and has recently decided that he will also put some of his works on Kobo. They run a very different business model, with books being promoted based on what a human being selects, rather than the Amazon system, where books that are promoted are largely selected by a computer based on various factors, such as current sales. This is an early experiment.

Enjoying Your Marketing

Rob has a writing blog and several podcasts which have connected him with the industry and those around it. The first thing he says though is that writing is your most important time and you must protect it.

Through his writing blog he has been invited to take part in box sets with some big names in the genre. It also connected him with his book cover designer.

He also uses his blog as an opportunity to talk about things he is interested in and tell jokes. This keeps writing the blog fun, and not a chore. His whole mindset with marketing is that if he is not enjoying it then he should not be doing it at all.

Book Trailers

“It’s really easy to do a book trailer badly.” Rob has found that if you are going to make a book trailer yourself, keep it simple, or you’ll probably end up with something that looks bad.


Rob serialised his book to take advantage of Amazon exposure through the “also bought” ribbon. By having several books in a series with similar covers, readers would see those later episodes. He only found this to be useful for the first season, because by the second season the readers are already reading the books. He also found that some readers didn’t like serialised fiction or are just plain confused by it.


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Julius SEpisode # 60 – Enjoying your Book Marketing
  • WFMeyer

    Hi Simon,

    Big fan ever since discovering you through the SPP. I look forward to your shows every Thursday.

    I do like the new introduction and music selection better. It’s all more upbeat. The sound levels are also much improved. The previous intro sound level was so quiet, I felt myself straining to listen until my hearing adjusted.

    Your podcasts are always on point, entertaining, packed with wonderful interviews and useful information. The shows are professional yet providing a relaxed environment.

    To your continued success,

    • SimonRSP

      Hi Werner, really glad to hear that you are enjoying the show. An update to the intro was really overdue ;). Thanks for listening.


  • Love the new intro!!

    • SimonRSP


  • I personally thought the old intro was nice, but I’m sure I’ll get used to the new one and like it just as well. In any case, this week’s interview was one of the most entertaining I’ve heard on your show, and that’s saying a lot.

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks Stephen (especially for the music comment about my musical composition skills 😉 ). Glad you found the show entertaining, quite a bit of banter in this one!

  • Leslie Watts

    This episode was one of my favorites! I’m feeling inspired!

    • SimonRSP

      Awesome Leslie! Thanks for commenting :). This interview was a lot of fun to do.

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