Hi there!

If you’re seeing this page then you’re scheduled for an upcoming guest post on RSP. Awesome.

There are a few things to keep in mind (these are pretty standard for a guest post on any website). This page contains guidelines, but also some things that you need to agree to before we can proceed.


While your guest post has been scheduled. The post you submit is still a pitch. I run the application form system to save potential guests time and help to guide them into creating a post that people will love.

The process looks like this:

1. Make application.

2. I’ll reply, saying “yes, that’s interesting,” or “no, try something else.”

3. Read this page.

4. Draft the post.

5. Send the post to me (simon@rockingselfpublishing.com) – Posts must arrive 2 weeks before the date we agreed upon.

6. I will review the post, suggest revisions.

7. Decision.

8. If yes, I’ll publish the post. If no, you’ll keep the post, and you can do with it as you wish (I’d recommend pitching it to other sites, or publishing it on your own blog).

Criteria to meet:

  • 1500 to 2500 words.
  • On a specific topic, detailed, and unique. No recycled content.
  • No “fluff.”
  • On the topic you sent in the application form.
  • General posts trying to cover too much are not good. The weekly interviews provide a nice overview of a lot of topics, the guests posts are about drilling down on specifics. E.g. “Why you need a copy editor” “Where you can find the time to write” “How I exploded my mailing list sign ups, and what that has done for my writing” etc.
  • Your 2 line bio can have a maximum of 2 links (your website, and twitter profile, for example).
  • If you make a claim, back it up with a reference.

What will be rejected:

  • Posts with grammatical/spelling/factual errors will not be accepted. The work should be of the quality of a published book.
  • “Pitchy” posts. On RSP I’ve had editors, cover designers, service providers. Each of those interviews is 99% information, 1% “you should check out my work.” Aim for the same thing. Guest posts that are overly self-promotional will not be accepted (you will be given a chance to edit).
  • Posts that do not match the outline that you sent across in the applications (unless we’ve discussed this via email).
  • A post that won’t sit well with the RSP audience. I know the audience well, and I often go with my gut on what will work or not.

A few things you need to agree to:

  • RSP owns the content in the blog post form. It will always remain attributed to you, and the links to your site will remain. You can use the content for a book, or in a modified form, but please don’t put the content in the exact form elsewhere on the internet (this keeps Google happy).
  • Simon has final discretion on whether to publish a post or not. If the post does not go live, you will own it completely and are free to do with it as you wish.
  • Posts can be removed from the site.
  • Posts can be edited as I see fit. You won’t be taken out of context.
  • I will try to give a reason if I do not accept a post, but I do not have to.

It would be nice if you:

  • Checked in on the blog post for at least a few weeks. There will be a comment section, and answering questions from readers would be fantastic.

Questions? Comments? To simon@rockingselfpublishing.com

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