Over the past year RSP has grown wonderfully, and I’m delighted that it has become a go-to podcast for so many authors.

People like you, who listen to my podcast and subscribe to my newsletter have helped grow the podcast so it is now approaching the half million downloads mark. Thank you.

You made this possible, soΒ I want to do something to return the favor.

I’m going to be opening up the RSP platform to a wider group of authors.

Many of you on my newsletter have been guests on the show, but that is a limited platform. There is only one episode a week, and those tend to be pretty fully booked.

So, to remedy that, it’s with great pleasure that I can announce…

guestpostsheaderWhy I am doing this:

RSP Guest Posts will be an ideal way for RSP to deal with more specific topics, and also give an author (or industry expert) a share of RSP’s platform – something I am very keen to do for the right people and content :).

Why you should be interested in this opportunity:

Like with most things I launch, I’m going into this full on. You’ve never had a guest post like this!

The Exposure

– A shout out about the guest post on the RSP podcast,Β which has been downloaded nearly half a million times since its inception a year ago.

– A mention of the guest post to the mailing list in the weekly/bi-weekly mailer, 1,200 and growing fast.

– Exposure to the organic website traffic on RockingSelfPublishing.com.

– The guest post will be narrated by me and integrated into the post, as well as sent out as a podcast each Monday! (separate feed)

– A YouTube video of the guest post will be made, in a presentation style, using the voice over track. (I only have around 100 subscribers on YouTube, but this will grow with the addition of these posts.)

– A link/mention linking over to where ever you please, along with a three line bio.

I don’t know anyone else offering guest posts with all of the above.

The Post

  • On a specific topic, I am open to suggestions on anything.
  • 1500-2500 words.
  • Super valuable, high quality. I don’t really need to say that here, but RSP listeners expect really high quality stuff, and that’s the only type of content I’m looking to share.

I will eventually be opening this up to my wider audience, but I wanted to come to you, as a newsletter subscriber first :).

Let’s Do It!

If you are interested in this opportunity, please follow this link, and fill out the short application form (it’s easy).Β 

Please note:

  • I can’t respond to all applications, but if you do have a specific question you can email me and that will get a reply.
  • A successful application does not guarantee I will post your guest post. The application is just there to save both of us time if a topic is completely off for the RSP audience. I will review and make a decision on the guest post when I have it. If I choose not to post it, this is probably because it is not a fit for the audience, I’d encourage you to pitch it to other sites accepting guest posts, or even publish it on your own blog :).


Simon W

Simon WhistlerGuest Posting Opportunities on RSP
  • dream109

    This is really interesting! I’m not got a post that springs to mind instantly, but it could be really interesting. πŸ™‚

    • SimonRSP

      Well, the opportunity will be around for a while, so if one comes to you, just drop me an application πŸ™‚

  • Margarita Morris

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, Simon, so thank you! I will definitely get my thinking hat on and try to come up with something.

    • SimonRSP

      Great Margarita, thanks for the interest!

  • What sort of posts are you looking for, Simon. What you said in your post seems to imply ‘expert’ in some particular area. Not sure I’m an expert on anything except learning the hard way! Maybe a funny video about what NOT to do?! Just as a bit of light relief from all the serious, my head hurts, stuff.

    • SimonRSP

      Hi Geraldine, that piques my interest, drop an application in with the details, and I’ll take a look. Thanks for the interest πŸ™‚

      • I’ve just submitted my application, Simon. Many thanks.

        • SimonRSP

          Thank you! I’m planning to get to the applications this weekend πŸ™‚

  • Luke Morris

    Thanks for the opportunity, Simon! I’ll definitely be in touch soon.

    • SimonRSP

      Awesome Luke, I’m looking forward to going through the applications shortly πŸ™‚

  • Manuel Carreon


  • Manuel Carreon

    Simon, I recently launched my first book and overwhelmingly satisfied with the results. I credit that to being a consumer of podcasts and self-publishing blog research. So many times I listen to podcast interviews with top selling indie authors and it seems their path to success is a culmination of timing in the fact that they uploaded at the right time on Amazon. I would be interested to know what authors who have come along after The KDP select boom are doing to find success in launching their careers. Especially what authors who have only one book under their belt are doing to make that book count. Thanks, your awesome!

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks for the suggestion Manuel, and thanks twice for posting this publicly. Hopefully it will stimulate some thoughts among the people who are interested in doing a guest post here ;). I’ve got some great interviews coming up with post Select authors, so stay tuned to the show!

      • Manuel Carreon

        I look forward to it!

  • Lindsey Pogue

    This is awesome, Simon! So innovative and fresh. Thank you for being an advocate for indie authors everywhere! Happy Tuesday πŸ™‚

    • SimonRSP

      Always, Lindsey. I’m glad you like the idea πŸ™‚

  • Gregory Lynn

    Quick question, Simon, are you interested in posts regarding the mechanics of writing, or just the publicity and marketing aspects?

    • SimonRSP

      Both are welcome. I know the podcast focuses more on the business side, but I’m hoping this blog element can be an expansion of the platform into new territory πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the opportunity, Simon! I would love to paticipate. πŸ™‚ It gives another dimension to your site.

    • SimonRSP

      Wonderful, thanks πŸ™‚