Episode # 29 – How to Write Faster with Armand Rosamilia

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How to Write Faster with Armand Rosamilia

In this episode of the Rocking Self Publishing podcast, I talk to Armand Rosamilia, who published 45 works in 2013 and plans even more for 2014, about how to write faster. We also talk about genre hopping – he writes ‘beach fiction’ as well as ‘graphic horror’ – all under the same name. He also crosses genres over, writing horror-erotica and zombie-spy-thrillers! Adult themes in this one due to Armand’s genre.


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JA Konrath – Armand’s motivation for writing a lot in the beginning.

Show notes:

The Journey

Comet Press put out word for an “extreme zombie book,” they didn’t pick it up but Armand did it himself in 2009.

Before this Armand put books out himself, way before ebooks, and lost a lot of money as he had to print a lot of books (500). That was a loss maker and distribution was difficult.

He then wrote a book just at the start of the Kindle revolution but never thought it would be something that took off – he loved print books. Fortunately the book was picked up by a publisher and put in the print format. It sold 19 copies, but that didn’t put him off, “I was hooked,” he says.

Then Armand realised ebooks were the way to go after he saw an ereader in person. It was 2010 when he really started pushing hard to get content out. He wrote a lot of different things, edited stuff and worked on anthologies.

Lots of Book on Amazon

119 books on Amazon at the time of interviewing. 2013 saw 45 releases, most short stories and anthologies, not a lot of full length stuff. In 2014 Armand is going to be focusing on writing longer books. He intends to take his main bread-winner, Dying Days, and write a full length novel for the series, which has previously just been novellas.

Lots of Genres

Hopping genres is Armand’s thing. His bread and butter is horror and zombies, but he has also written what people have described as “beach fiction.” An important part of how to write faster is pursuing what you enjoy writer, and if that’s another genre, so be it. This came about because he wanted to write about the people he saw around him, and make up stories for them… but he didn’t want to have to kill them all off. Interestingly he doesn’t use a pen name, despite having one series with zombies that will sexually assault you and another which is gentle beach reading – the characters even cross over!

He also writes erotica, but that is done under a pen name, he sees it as a completely different project.

Also writes non-fiction, he did a series of interviews with heavy-metal models and later a book about wrestling.

Crossover Genres

Horror/erotica crossover is something he writes. He has also written a zombie spy thriller – “Miami Spy Games.” This was written for a Hollywood production company – more on this below.

Armand says that the reason he can cross genres so easily because his novels are very character driven. He can develop characters and with that just put them into whatever story he wants.

Lots of Diversification

Has many eggs in many baskets, once you have mastered how to write faster, you can create more books which can protect you from a downturn in ones sales. He has books that are self-published, but he also works with 4 small press publishers. He also writes novellas for a Hollywood production company for an upfront check, he gets no royalties, but it’s another way to bring in money from a different source. These novellas are then pitched to production companies. 30,000 words in just a few days.

Armand works on many different things at the same time. Whatever happens he writes a minimum of 2,000 words every day. For 2013 he wrote 660,000 words.

Writing a series, where he releases a part of the series every Friday for 99cents. After 6 weeks he sells the bundle for $2.99.

Social Media

Armand has a huge Twitter presence and an email list with over 57,000 subscribers. He has built this entirely organically. He follows a lot of writers and makes sure he always follows people back. He also reblogs a lot of interesting content on his blog and works hard at networking with authors and offering advice and support whenever he can.


“The old model of putting out one novel a year … I didn’t think was going to work”


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 29 – How to Write Faster with Armand Rosamilia
  • R.M. Prioleau

    This was an amazing podcast. It’s really inspiring to hear success stories like this. I would love to meet this author and indulge in his wisdom!

    • SimonRSP

      Armand is also a really nice guy! It was a lot of fun just to chat to him on the phone.

  • Tim Ward

    Great stuff here for writing motivation. Writing sprints are good. Lately, I’ve found timing myself keeps me focused for an hour or more.

    I’d like to hear some interviews with authors who started selling after the eBook gold rush. It seems many hit the ground running in 2009-2010 when eBook market and amazon was more favorable to indies. Thoughts?

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks Tim. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks, I’ve got a great interview lined up with an author who started writing a while back, but only really started making waves in 2013 :). Will keep this in mind for future interview as well!