All of the episodes we record have detailed show notes with all the awesome indie publishing tools mentioned in each episode. To make things a little easier to access this page will be a growing list of all the resources mentioned by guests on the show.

It’s a constant work in progress. If you feel we are missing out on an incredible indie publishing resource, get in touch with Simon ( so he can add it to this list.

Further Listening and Reading

Marketing and Promotion

  • eReader News Today – Very popular site for readers with affordable advertising options. As used by Darren Wearmouth in his launch strategy.
  • Book Blast – An affordable way to get your book in front of a large audience. Particularly good for early promotions.
  • Kindle Nation Daily – Another popular site for getting your book in front of an audience.
  • BookBub – Consistently recommended on the show as a great place to promote your book.
  • The Fussy Librarian – A email list promotion site for authors. More specific and more affordable than BookBub.


Email Newsletters

  • Campaign Monitor – The service that I use to send out the weekly RSP newsletter (which is awesome by the way, sign up on the right!).
  • BenchMarkMail – A completely free option (with minor restrictions), perfect for if you are on a tight budget.

Writing Tools

  • Scrivener (for Windows / for Mac) – Fantastic alternative to a word processor, allows you to structure and compose a book. Recommended by numerous guests (and myself). Both of those shortcuts are affiliate links, meaning I get about $8 if you buy through them, that makes me happy. Perfect, not just for those indie publishing, but for any sort of writer.
  • Omm Writer – A distraction free writing environment. Free tool.
  • Evernote – Free tool to keep track of your writing notes. Can sync with all your devices so if you come up with an idea while out, you can type it in your phone and then access it on your computer later!
  • – Need to up the stakes to get some writing done?! Try this.


  • KBoards – A fantasic forum for authors and readers. Check out the writers cafe for invaluable insights into the self publishing world.
  • National Novel Writers Month – A great way to get motivated to write your first book.



  • CreateSpace – A print on demand service that provides an easy way to sell your book in the paperback format. Used by RM Prioleau and others to provide print versions of their books. No more self publishing through garages filled with books!


  • NovelRank – A free service that tracks your books sales rank in different Amazon stores around the world. Recommended by Darren.
  • Beginners Guide to SEO – Great resource if you’ve heard you should be ‘doing SEO’ but have no idea where to start. If you’re indie publishing (fiction or non-fiction), you should learn something about SEO.
  • eBook Rank Tracker – Tracks your own and others books to see which promotional tools are working.


Beyond Books

  • The Audiobook Creation Exchange – The leading way to get your book converted into an audiobook. Paid for production or revenue share basis with narrators. Open to indie authors in the US and UK currently.
  • Zazzle – On demand merchandising mentioned by Mark Tufo


  • Lift – Commit to making writing an everyday habit.

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  • This is great! I wish more podcasts would gather up the show-notes from all their episodes and distill them down into one big list of useful resources. Thanks for this!

  • Harry A. Manners

    Fantastic resource list, Simon. I’ve been poking around it for weeks, but haven’t given you your due credit. Thanks for posting all this!

    • SimonRSP

      You’re welcome Harry – this list is well over due for an update though! Lots of other links in the show notes that need to be brought over to this list.

      • Harry A. Manners

        Looking forward to it!
        I’ll be sure to link over to you from my blog whenever I get around to updating my links next.
        Thanks again.

        • SimonRSP

          Thanks, checked out your site, love that header (especially the social media links at the top right). And +1 for Catch 22, one of my all time favorites.

          • Harry A. Manners

            Thanks a bunch for the comments, took me a while to put it all together. Notepad and my high-school HTML skills finally came in some use.
            Just finished Catch 22 earlier today. Utter genius. Definitely belongs in its own class.

  • One of the things it would be handy to have on here would be links to distribution streamlining sites like Bookbaby etc. I have been trying to find one you mentioned recently and can’t locate it in the show notes. Going to be teaching a publishing and marketing class this weekend and I always send students this way to find your great episodes and links.

    • SimonRSP

      Hey Nathan – Draft2Digital maybe? Can’t think of any others that have come up recently.

  • Teige Weidner

    Hey Simon,
    I was about to update my site and was going to go back and check on your tutorials to help. Looks like a lot of them got dropped off of youtube. Couldn’t figure out if you’d seen that yet or not, so I thought I’d mention it.
    Thanks for all the work you do!

    • SimonRSP

      Ah, yes, I decided to delete them because they were really out of date, I just haven’t had a chance to get rid of all the links that might point to them yet.


      • Teige Weidner

        Got it! That makes sense.
        Thanks for all the great resources you provide!