Episode # 1 – How Libbie Hawker started a successful Indie career

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We have our first episode of RSP podcast ready! From now on, it will air every Thursday and feature interviews with successful indie or hybrid authors, publishing experts and people who can be helpful to self publishing authors. We hope to inspire and educate writers to make their journey into self publishing a little easier!

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Show notes:

Libbie’s books: 
L Hawker
LM Ironside’s books:
LM Iromside


Influence the Psycology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini: http://www.amazon.com/Influence-Psychology-Persuasion-Business-Essentials/dp/006124189X


Salon article: Confessions of a semi-successful author: http://www.salon.com/2004/03/22/midlist/


Favorite author: Vladimir Nabokov


“You have to expect that some people are going to dislike [your book], and even hate it, and want to throw it across the room and/or punch you in the face for writing it!”
“If your goal is to make a living on your writing you need to give up on the agents and the publishers. You need to learn how to self publish well to ensure your financial success”.


Tip for new writers:
Without good books you’re not going to enjoy any measure of success. People want to read good books. You need to develop some sense of objectivity about your own work – you need to be able to self-criticize, self-edit, and you need to be able to look at your book and compare it to others and determine whether it is like them in important ways or different from them in important ways.
Simon WhistlerEpisode # 1 – How Libbie Hawker started a successful Indie career
  • Jacob Tullos

    Really liked this first episode, and I look forward to hearing more!


    • Thanks Jacob, we hope you enjoy our upcoming episodes!


  • Great episode! So far I’ve listened to Episodes 3 and 4, plus this one (yes, somehow they got loaded to my smartphone out of order). I was skeptical at first, wondering how a non-writer would be able to pull off interviews like these. But I have to say, you ask really smart questions, and smart follow-up questions as well!

    This episode in particular has really inspired me. While I know it’s unlikely I will have as much success with my first book as she did (most indie authors say they reach “critical mass” sometime after the 5th book), I like that she details not only what she did right, but also what she DIDN’T do. That’s just as important, I think.

    • SimonRSP

      Hey Traci,

      Thanks for listening and I’m glad I was able to bring you around :). I think getting an idea of both sides is essential in these interviews – knowing what works can give authors something to put into action, but avoiding pitfalls is just as valuable. So much time can be wasted pursuing something that doesn’t work. I hope this show is saving people from wasting time, as well as giving them useful actions that they can take.

      Keep on listening 🙂


  • Loved this first episode. Great questions and a wonderful guest 🙂

    • SimonRSP

      Thanks Anita!