Episode # 3 – Book Marketing and Movie Deals with Lisa Grace

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This week we have another very very successful self-publisher who recently secured a movie deal and who is a very good marketer. Lisa Grace has great business sense and understands both sides of the business, author side and publishing biz side. Understanding both is a huge benefit and an advantage. Give it a listen and you will see her attitude towards it!

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Angel in the Shadows Part 1 (Kindle)

Amazon Profile

Lisa Grace’s Website

Show notes:

Indie Author Chat – latest places to get free information. Great resource made with Samantha Fury.
You should have a website, get a domain in your author name, not your books name. Brand your name first.

You can use Freewebs, weebly or hire an expert, even for a budget price of $150-200 (expensive sites with a lot of customization would cost 2000-4000 dollars)

Make your name prominent on the cover. Short titles work better.


“It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer minus the vampires!”

“[For marketing] What worked in 2011 no longer works in 2013”

Tip for new writers:

.wps files are good, don’t do any fancy formatting – bold, italics, paragraphs.
Write what you are passionate about, don’t write what is popular right now. Your passion will come through in your work which is important.


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Simon WhistlerEpisode # 3 – Book Marketing and Movie Deals with Lisa Grace
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