There is always plenty of talk on RSP about how important it is to get people onto your mailing list. Many authors drive newsletter subscriptions by sending readers from the back of their books to their website. If you aren’t doing this, you should start today. Once you have these people to your site, you must focus on getting them on your list. Lot’s of authors drop the ball here and see low ‘conversion’ rates (i.e. not many people sign up). This page of three videos shows you how to maximize the number of people who join your list after coming to your site.

This tutorial has three videos:

Video one – Gives an outline of squeeze pages, and your different options.

Video two – Shows you a free way of creating a squeeze page, to get better conversions.

Video three – Shows you how to use a paid for tool (LeadPages) to maximize the number of those visitors who signs up for your list. So, without much further ado, here are the videos:

An Introduction to Squeeze Pages for Authors

Simon WhistlerCreating a Newsletter Sign-up (“Squeeze”) Page