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I’m Simon, host of the Rocking Self-Publishing podcast. Welcome.

This is the quick start guide to getting moving with Rocking Self-Publishing, and kicking off, or elevating your indie career!

I’ll point you to a few key episodes you should listen to, a few resources I recommend, and even a few other podcasts/blogs that I recommend you check out.

Let’s Start with a Few Episodes (listen in this order!)

1 Episode 37 with Michael Coorlim – Start by listening to this interview with a guy who went from having nothing to being a successful self-publisher in a remarkably short amount of time. For those who haven’t yet started or are early on in their journey this is a must listen. Then move onto…

2 Episode 7 with Darren Wearmouth – Darren was a brand new author, who’d never self-published before. I conducted this interview just after he released First Activation which went on to be a smash hit. Darren quit his job and went full time in the first year. Now that you have soaked up some inspiration, tune into…

3 Episode 65 with David Gaughran – David is a well known blogger in self-publishing. This interview will bring you right up to date with the current self-publishing landscape. This interview is full of practical advice about what you can do as a new author. It’s not all rainbows and butterflys…

4 Episode 64 with Mimi Strong – Today, Mimi is a super successful self-publisher, but it wasn’t an easy journey. Change in strategy and plenty of long days are required to make self-publishing really work financially. And speaking of working financially…

5 Episodes 49, 39, and 5 – All episodes that point out that you are not just an artist. Want to make self-publishing a well paid career? You are a business person too. These episodes are all with some of the best in the business, they know that, and you must too. Vital listening.

6 Finally, grab some inspiration before you set out and listen to Matt Ahlshlager tell you how he wrote 50,000 words in a single day in episode 40. 

+ (And if you are in to non-fiction, you should see how Michael Rank took a failing business and turned it into a thriving self-publishing empire)

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