Transcripts for some episodes are now available!

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I’ve recently been getting a few more emails about the possibility of transcripts for RSP episodes and I’m pleased to say these are now available for some of the most popular episodes so far!

I know there are only seven transcripts, but these things are expensive to create and then a require an hour or two to proofread (it’s well over 80,000 words of material for these seven).

You’ll find transcripts available for the following episodes (scroll down to the show notes section to find the link).

Episode 5 – Unconventional Marketing and Pricing with Joe Nobody

Episode 7 – The 7 Day Launch Strategy with Darren Wearmouth

Episode 11 – Writing a Series with Cege Smith

Episode 13 – Business Plans for Authors with Denise Grover Swank

Episode 16 – The Effectiveness of Perma-free with Elle Casey

Episode 17  – Marketing the Smart Way with Leeland Artra

Episode 20 – Book Bundles (and plush toys) with Joseph Lallo

If they prove super popular, I’ll try and work out a more affordable/faster way to get these out there!

Simon WhistlerTranscripts for some episodes are now available!