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Are you aiming for (or achieving) a six-figure writing career?

If you are serious about self-publishing, you should join the Writers' Circle

Hi there, I'm Simon Whistler, host of the Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast.

I've interviewed over 100 successful self-published authors.

If you've listened to the podcast and thought "I want to be around successful people like that!" then you should join the Writers' Circle, the advanced level community from RSP. 

If you are ready to take your writing career to the next level, you need to be surrounded by authors who are doing the same. The Writers' Circle is the place where that happens. 

So if you are motivated and heading for a six-figure indie author income. Read on...

Why you should join the Writers' Circle

Learn from other authors at your level - W-Circle members go through an application process so you can be sure that other members of the community are just as driven towards success as you are. 

Share information - The W-Circle is a private group, meaning that only members can see what's posted. This encourages a great deal of frankness and openness about what's really working in indie publishing. You'll hear about strategies you don't hear anywhere else. 

"Networking" - ...But I'd just call it community. The W-Circle is place to make friends and connections with people on the same path. Other writers who really know what they are talking about. 

Case Studies - The W-Circle has a tradition of sharing experiments (and their results). You'll read tons of examples of people who have pulled off awesome experiments, and have a space to get feedback on your own!

A Movement - The W-Circle is more than just a web forum, it's an indie publishing movement. It's a place for people who want to be the leaders of this brave new world of publishing.


What makes a Writers' Circle Member?

Long Term View - Authors who are dedicated to building a significant, lifetime income from their books (six-figures a year or higher).

Bestsellers - Most W-Circle members have had significant success in their genres.

Breakout Successes and Established Authors - Whether you've hit success early on, or been building it for a while, you'll fit in in the W-Circle

Full Timers - Most members are doing this full time, or intend to be doing so in the very near future. There are plenty of threads titled "I just quit my day job" - so if you want to be posting that in the near future, join us!

We "Ship" - Shipping is the idea of getting the book out the door. We don't ponder over manuscripts for years. We get the work done. Heard about people doing a six books a year? That's a mindset we encourage.

"Joining Writers' Circle I got to interact with other writers at the same stage as me, or doing better. Within a week or so of joining I'd picked up so many tips and put them in place that it really boosted everything to the next level! If you are serious about a career as an author, and you want to focus on building that career up, you should definitely take a look at joining."

Nick Stephenson, / Author of the Leopold Blake Series

"I'm in the Writer's circle because it gives me a community of ambitious authors who are serious about the craft as well as the business side of writing. I can ask questions and help others in a positive forum where I learn something every visit. The indie world moves fast – it's great to have friends on the journey."

Joanna Penn, NYT and USA Today Bestselling author of Thrillers on the Edge, website: /

Are you right for the Writers' Circle?

There are a few mindsets (and criteria) that you should share if you want to be a part of the W-Circle. 

An established career -The W-Circle does not focus on information useful to new self-publishers. You should already be  enjoying success and are looking to take things to the next level.

A business mindset - Starving artists need not apply, but you should be...

Financially hungry - You shouldn't shy away from embracing financial and sales goals. You should be aiming for a six-figure income (or higher) in the near future.

An abundance mindset - "There are plenty of readers to go around"

Empire builders - Books, audio, films, translations... You should want to do more than just publish e-books.

No hidden pen names - "I'm a huge deal, but can't tell you my pen name!" That's not going to fly. The W-Circle is based on trust, we operate a real-name (or main pen name) policy. Only other W-Circle members will able to see this information.

"Imagine having a group of successful, generous authors within reach whenever you have a pressing question about indie publishing. That's the Writers' Circle in a nutshell. A resource-filled, judgment-free environment in which you can find out what you need to know to be a more successful authorpreneur. Between the information I've gleaned and the connections I've made, I'd have to say the Writers' Circle is a must for any serious indie author."

Bryan Cohen, Sell More Books Show / Author of the Ted Saves the World Series

"The indie writing community is constitutionally helpful - that’s what makes it so great. There are tons of places where you can get advice when you are starting out and I’ve benefitted from all of them in the last eighteen months as I progressed from being a callow newbie to selling thousands of books a month and becoming one of the first KDP All-Stars. The Writer’s Circle offers valuable advice to those who are a little farther down the road. I like to think I’m pretty switched on to the ways that a writer can give his or her career a boost, yet I’ve still benefited from the help and advice that I’ve received from the indie experts who have gathered here." 

Mark Dawson, Author of the John Milton series /

How to Join the Writers' Circle

The W-Circle is by application only. When you apply for the group you will be taken to an application page and will need to answer a few questions. 

Please take the time to answer these questions in detail. All applications are carefully reviewed and if you provide detailed answers explaining why you are ready to join the W-Circle your chances of being accepted are higher.

If you are accepted you will need to pay for your subscription, then a log in will be provided for you.

"The Writer's Circle has helped me with the business side of being an independent author and publisher immensely. This mastermind group is the cream of the crop of analytical, motivated and motivating authorpreneurs bubbling up with insider tips and inspiration. People ask me for advice all the time. My advice is to join the Writer's Circle."

Robert Chazz Chute, Author of This Plague of Days /

"Unfortunately, all the really good stuff has already been said by Joanna, Bryan, Robert, and Nick so let me first say, all that stuff they said is true. I'll add that this is a community of hard working authors who believe that success lies at the confluence of their business and artistic endeavors. We share and discuss our ideas and experiences. We support one another where we can and we laugh a bit. It's like Facebook without the trolls."

Bobby Adair, Author of the Slow Burn series,

What does this cost?

The Writers' Circle is $99 every quarter. Paid through a recurring PayPal subscription.

($336 if paid annually, a saving of more than 15%.)